Lessons learned on the first day

You know how in real estate everything is location, location, location? Well, my experience the for the first day of the Vegan Experiment was missing one key thing: Preparation, preparation, preparation. I learned that planning ahead is key to my success in eating well, which of course goes hand in hand with feeling well. To sum up the first day: It wasn’t a complete failure, but not a complete success. I’ll put it this way….if you’re planning to start a Vegan Experiment, don’t keep your Mongolian beef leftovers in the fridge…especially if you haven’t stocked it with other good options. Mongolian beef was just a little too tempting, if you know what I mean….

Mongolian beef, goodbye to you! Image: blogchef.net

I was in a training class all morning, so success was inevitable. I’d packed my cut up veggies and fruits, a great lunch, and enjoyed it. It was opening the fridge at home when snack attack hit. (I’ll let you fill in the blanks with the information in the above paragraph) A big shopping trip was in order yesterday afternoon, and later today I plan to spend an hour or so cutting up some vegan deliciousness in preparation for the next few days. I’m looking for inspiration on the web. I’d love to hear any resources on vegan cooking/recipes!

My fridge on day one. Looks like a set up for failure. However, it was only a partial failure. It was partially successful, so I’ll celebrate that and start fresh. Tomorrow’s a new day~

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