How do vegans take road trips?

Dear Fellow Vegans,

I admire you. I respect you. How in the world do you take a road trip in the good ole USA if you are vegan? All of my favorite pitstops are now potential pitfalls. Buc-cee’s convenience store, Chik-fil-a, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Shell gas station stores….I am at a complete loss. Seriously, as I’m planning for some holiday fun, I am intrigued and would love some feedback from some experienced vegan-types.


Christine, a six-week vegan

road trip dilemma             photo source

Road Trip Dilemma

photo source

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7 thoughts on “How do vegans take road trips?

  1. I make up my favorite smoothies & put them in a cooler to take on my trip. Also, I like to munch on things as I’m driving, so I always take a small bag of pumpkin seeds. It provides the satisfying crunch & saltiness I crave as I’m driving by all those fast food restaurants.

  2. I find myself getting juice and nuts at gas stations instead of the old pop and candy bar I used to. Also if you need to stop somewhere to eat I’ve found Subway’s Veggie sub delicious and also Taco Bell has a Veggie Cantina bowl (w/o cilantro dressing) that is great, and I think fairly healthy.

  3. sadly, civilization doesn’t take kindly to natural whole foods. profit before health as they say. preparation is the key, best wishes on your journey!

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